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Bell Services

Bell Services

Front Services handles luggage movement, room deliveries and airport transfers that are confirmed in the sales contract.



The following are the current porterage prices that are subject to change. The charge is the same for adults and children.


·         One Way - $3.50 + Tax = $3.66 Inclusive Per Guest

·         Round Trip - $7.00 + Tax = $7.33 Inclusive Per Guest


Group Arrivals

Every effort is made to deliver group baggage no later than 45 minutes from the time the baggage arrives on property. The delivery time will depend on the following.


·         The group arrival pattern; the group arrives at one time or scattered.

·         The baggage arriving on motorcoaches with the guests or on separate baggage trucks.

·         Each piece of baggage is clearly tagged with the guest’s first and last name.

·         Groups inform guests that room move requests will not be permitted on arrival day.


Front Services will determine if luggage tents will be set-up for large group arrivals and departures. Typically tents are set-up for groups of at least 200 guests.

Group Departures

The group contact should provide a bag pull list to the Bell Desk in the main lobby at the minimum by 12:00pm prior to the departure day. Bag pulls should be scheduled at least 1.5 hours prior to departure time from the hotel. It is recommended that a copy of any departure notice be provided to Front Services for content review prior to going to print and distribution.


Airport Transfers Confirmed In Sales Contract

Arrangements will be confirmed with the Bell Desk with the actual transfer being provided by hotel cars and drivers or through Charley’s Taxi. Additional vehicles such as a car to transfer baggage will count as one transfer.


Airport transfers not confirmed in the sales contract may be arranged by the group contact direct with Charley’s Taxi who has a dispatcher on-site.



·         Town Car – two guests + 4 pieces of luggage

·         Limousine – four guests + 4 pieces of baggage



·         Driver will monitor the flight for early/delayed flight arrival time.

·         Driver leaves for the airport at least one hour prior to flight arrival time.

·         Driver meets guest at the baggage claim with a sign that includes the Hilton logo, a picture of a lei with the guest’s first and last name.

·         Upon arrival, hotel drivers will hand the guest a welcome letter that includes any departure information already received. If such information has not been received the guest will be asked to contact the Bell Desk to provide this info.



·         Front Services to contact guest to confirm the bag pull and departure time the day before departure.

·         Departure time is automatically scheduled for 2.5 hours prior to departure flight time unless otherwise requested by the guest. 

·         The guest may schedule departure time within 2.5 hours of the departure flight time with the understanding that the driver will abide by all traffic laws and will not, for example, speed to get the guest to the airport on time.

·         Guest to check-in at the Bell Desk in the main lobby. The Bell Desk will then notify the driver of the guest’s arrival.

·         The driver and car will be staged at the main lobby.

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